scifichic (scifichic) wrote in drwho_america,

2nd Doctor

This might be a long shot but does anyone know if Doctors Revisited-Second Doctor and Tomb of the Cybermen will be re-aired on BBC America? Our TV took a turn for the worst the weekend it aired :(
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Don't know, but they aired a repeat for the First Doctor special and The Aztecs, so it's very possible they'll do one for the Second Doctor, too.
Good to know! I'll keep an eye out. Thank you!
Good news -- I just spotted it on the BBCA schedule! The Doctors Revisited - Second Doctor special will be repeated at 7:30 pm Eastern on March 31st (right before they air the special for the Third Doctor at 8 pm). They're not repeating Tomb of the Cybermen then, unfortunately, but that's out on DVD so you can always see it separately (Netflix has it).
Thank you! I was able to catch it today :)