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Doctor Who Does America


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Welcome! This is a community for American fans of the new Dr Who series (though all are welcome to join!). Here you can squee over the show, post and recommend fic, share icons or other graphics, and ask questions - all without having to worry about stumbling over spoilers.

Here are some rules!

How to use an lj-cut!

On Spoilers

There are tons of communities out there for Dr. Who fans who have seen the entire run so far. This is not one of them. Please, post spoilery fics/icons/episode discussions/news elsewhere. If you absolutely MUST share your wonderful new fic that has spoilers for the next series, post SPOILERS in the subject line and lj-cut it.

This is primarily a new series community. If you want to share your Nine-Four crossover fic, or your thoughts on the similarities between Rose and Companion X, feel free - but mark spoilers for the old stuff. Some of us weren't born when it first aired.;)

This episode guide can tell you what's fair game for posting. For the first few days after an episode airs, please post spoilers behind an lj-cut.

On Fanfiction

All is welcome! Whatever genre, rating, skill level - please share it with us! However:

1. Please use warnings and lj-cuts. For longer stories and anything over, say, PG-13, for slash, for anything anyone might not want to see - please lj-cut it, or link to it, and tell us beforehand why. Use your judgement. Sample format for posting fic:

Spoilers: (which episodes?)
Warnings: (character death, graphic sex, etc. etc...)
Pairing(s): ex. Nine/Rose

2. Write well! Take a gander at this before you post. Use spellcheck. Get a beta reader. If you need a beta reader, just ask in the community; someone will be happy to help.

On Posting Graphics

Please do! I for one could always stand seeing more Nine. But please post large graphics or large numbers of icons under an lj-cut (see above). And don't post spoilery pics!

Above all, HAVE FUN!